Our surroundings and our health and happiness are intrinsically related. In 2006, MIND carried out a survey detailing how the environment affects people in the workplace.

Unsurprisingly, the availability of natural light, personal space, quality of décor, furnishings, bright colours and plants were all found to be important in creating a positive effect on mood, sense of self worth and mental well being.

(Leading UK mental health charity MIND Survey Building solutions: Environments for Better Mental Health, 2006)

This is why all homes designed and managed by ECHC are bright and airy, give each tenant their own single room, use high quality furnishings throughout and make use of outdoor space to provide patios and gardens.

Our 24hr properties have communal cooking and eating areas where service users can meet with each other. A Sunday lunch can become a regular routine event.

Our aim is to create a home from home for our tenants, where they can enjoy a bit of peace on their own or some company depending on what they feel like.

When one in four people in the UK will experience mental distress at some point in their lives, it’s good to know that there is a place where you would feel happy to see yourself, should the need arise.

Do have a good look round our photo gallery and if you’d like to arrange a visit to one of our properties do please contact us.