Case Studies

Case Study 1
“I was diagnosed with schizophrenia, mild learning disabilities and Asperger’s. I’ve also had problems with substance misuse in the past and currently live in a 24 hour scheme.

The support team undertook joint needs and risk assessments to ensure all requirements were met. The staff implemented support plans and we now work together to gain the knowledge and skills I need to build on.

Although I still struggle with my Asperger’s, I no longer misuse, which is a great achievement in my life. This is due to the high quality of support I received. My concerns and needs are met by the support staff on an ongoing basis, which also gives me the confidence to take on and overcome new challenges in my life.

My goal in life is to have my own flat eventually, which I’m working towards with the support staff.”

Case Study 2
“I live in my own flat under a floating support system which is staffed Monday-Sunday, (9.00am-4.30pm). I have access to the on-call system in an emergency when out-of-hours.

I was diagnosed with schizophrenia. When I was first referred to ECHC, I did nothing with my time. Now I use my time in a positive and constructive way on a daily basis. This is incorporated in my Support Plan and reviewed monthly by my allocated keyworker and myself. With the support and encouragement the staff provide me with, I now attend The Life Church, circle dancing and gardening with rangers .

I am currently working towards building my confidence with the support and guidance from the staff, so that eventually I can have a paid job. This is one of my desired goals in life.”

Case Study 3
Julia* is a 31 year old female with a diagnosis of bipolar, who has lived in our all-female scheme since 2010. During the tenant’s time living here, she has fulfilled many of her dreams through support from the staff team, such as attending college and volunteering in the local community.

The tenant has long term support needs and the staff team have supported her in many aspects such as helping her manage her mental and physical health, assisting her with cooking, shopping and budgeting and also enabling her to have social time for going on holidays and regular outings.

“I really enjoy living here and doing different activities; this helps me feel more self-assured and my confidence has improved over the years. I also like it that my family can visit me”.

Case Study 4
Brian* is a 52 year old male with a diagnosis of schizophrenia and a forensic history.

He has followed a successful pathway through our services, initially coming to us from a secure unit onto a step-down process at one of our 24 hour schemes.

Following the step-down being a success, the tenant moved in on a permanent basis and during this time worked with staff in gaining skills and confidence, to enable him to move into a flat with ECHC in the community with floating support.

Case Study 5
Neil* moved into one of our 24 hour schemes, having served a custodial sentence and been a patient in the mental health secure services. He went through a ‘step down’ process from an open rehabilitation ward to our 24 hour service and then progressed from this scheme to live independently in his own flat with floating support visits. Neil* has been a volunteer at the local hospital for the past five years.

Case Study 6
Tony* lives in one of our properties, which is supported 24 hours a day, having come through a ‘step down’ process from an open rehabilitation ward. Prior to this he came through the criminal justice system through various secure mental health wards. Tony’s needs are met within this 24 hour setting, allowing him to live a fulfilling life. He enjoys the local reading group, visiting local charity shops and going fishing.

* all names have been changed due to confidentiality reasons