Planning a pathway

The key to the right support

We want to help people progress along a pathway. This is very much a partnership, with the staff member and service user working together. What is important is that the service user is in the most appropriate type of accommodation with the right level of support for them at any one time. This can change and they can move up and down the pathway accordingly.

All our service users are assigned a dedicated key worker, whatever their level of need. Key workers are there to provide practical, emotional, social support and advice, to help our clients regain or develop the skills needed to live a fully independent life.

Together we’ll create a support plan that forms the basis of the level and kind of support both key worker and service user think is required. Needs change, so this plan is regularly reviewed and any relevant changes relayed to the support staff.

While we hope that our tenants will eventually move on, either within our tenancies or independently, we place no limit on the length of time people can receive any particular level of support.

With a clear structure we are able to identify when people are experiencing difficulties or becoming unwell. In this instance a higher level of support or referral to the relevant professionals can be advised. Our close relationships with social and community psychiatric services are central to our tenants’ welfare.

Note: The support service does not include professional counselling services or any nursing or personal services