Floating support

Providing a helping hand when it’s needed most, Floating Support can make all the difference. Our support structure is instrumental in preventing the ‘revolving door syndrome,’ which affects many people who move into unsupported housing.

Our floating support is there for any service user living independently, whether in ECHC managed accommodation or in independent housing. The aim is to help independence to grow, build confidence, a sense of self-worth, and help the service user develop a social network.

As well as helping with practical matters such as housing, we can assist clients in contacting other organisations to help with situations they may find difficult to tackle.

ECHC support also provides practical day to day help with life skills

  • Advice, advocacy and liaison with public services
  • Help with developing social skills or managing behaviour
  • Emotional support, non-professional counselling and advice
  • Help in developing domestic and practical skills
  • Help in establishing personal safety and security
  • Help with building up social contacts and activities
  • Help in finding other accommodation
  • Help in gaining access to other services
  • Help in setting up and maintaining a home
  • Managing finances and dealing with benefit claims
  • Peer support and befriending
  • Supervision and monitoring health and wellbeing